Walking City

3 interactive dresses. Cotton, nylon and electronic devices


Air. A fascinating element at the intersection of colour, light and vibration, it’s also one of the materials used in the project Walking City. Created in 2006, these interactive pieces play with the public’s perception: the fluid movement of breathing is simulated using sensors and a pneumatic mechanism that’s sown directly onto nylon and cotton. These unconventional garments then take on a playful dimension through their inflatable capacity. The pleated fabric in the Walking City pieces take numerous shapes, much like Japanese origami. These pieces are harder to understand than traditional garments, almost fooling the public into seeing them unlike they really are. If the pneumatic technology featured in Walking City would fit right in if placed in the context of performing arts, it could also be applicable in the ready-to-wear industry. Light, immaterial, changing and poetic, this concept of inflatable pieces gives life to the garments, with their mechanical movements giving the impression that they are controlled by a body. The clothes in this project have been created as an homage to British architecture collective Archigram which, in the 1960s, imagined mobile and inflatable habitable structures.