Ying Gao

A Montreal based fashion designer and professor at UQAM, Ying Gao has achieved personal distinction through her numerous creative projects: six solo exhibitions in France, in Switzerland, in Canada, and eighty group exhibitions around the world. Her varied creative work has enjoyed international media coverage: Time, Vogue, The New York Times, Dazed and Confused, Interni, ARTE. She is one of the “Fab 40: Canada” selected by Wallpaper magazine.

Ying Gao questions our assumptions about clothing by combining fashion design, product design, architecture and media design. She explores the construction of the garment, taking her inspiration from the transformations of the social and urban environment. Design is the medium, situated in the technological and the textile realm : sensory technologies allow garments to become more poetic and interactive. Ying Gao explores both the status of the individual, whose physical contours are transformed by external interferences, and the garment’s function as a fragile transitional space. Her work testifies to the profound mutation of the world in which we live and carries with it a radical critical dimension that transcends technological experimentation.