Swiss Quality


Project Swiss Quality was generously sponsored by five Swiss businesses that specialize in textile production. Laid out with the idea of balance, precision and individualism in mind, the five garments reflect Swiss culture and design: efficiency, neutrality, sobriety and simplicity are also key factors in the project. The five pieces are individual because they’re made of different fabrics offered by the sponsors, but they can be superimposed and worn in a specific order. Their minimal structure is enhanced by volume construction directly structured by pattern alteration. The pieces’ labels, cut out of Swiss organza, reflect the country’s very punctual transport system. Each label consists of two parts, the first is the train travel trajectory time and the second is the transfer time between destinations where Gao had to travel to meet the five sponsors. The pieces are named after the project’s partners: Hausammann+Moos, Schläpfer, Mitlödi, Schöller et Sefar. The project was curated by Céline Studer of [plug in] in Basel.